Jeff Kendrick – Riff #2

All Axess co-founder and DevilDriver guitarist Jeff Kendrick is going to give you a bite-size lesson that teaches you how to play an intermediate riff. This riff example showcases several different phrases put together to build ideas for a solo.

For starters, the backing track rhythm is a very simple part that repeats for the complete duration and starts on the 5th fret and for the second half starts on the 7th fret. The riff focuses on progression with some minor thirds as well as chromatic sequence of notes. The entire part is minor-based blues part and the solo section is divided into three parts; the blues type bends in the beginning; shred part in the middle and the palm-muted 16th note run with triplet accents at the end. Don’t forget to use alternate picking throughout the whole phrase and make sure to pay attention to unwanted string noise.

The intended result should be to focus on how to build ideas in a guitar solo by pairing different phrases and approaches.

To check out another one of Jeff’s AxU tutorials, hit this link.

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