Machine Head Writing New Album

Machine Head guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn has revealed the band will begin writing its eighth studio album sometime in the next week.
In a recent update on his online journal at, Flynn said the new album could contain shorter songs than on the band’s previous offerings like ‘The Blackening’ and ‘Unto The Locust:’ “No one has really sat down and discussed where we’d like to go in depth, but we have talked about shorter songs (LOL).”
He continued: “The last TEN TON HAMMER show we did in London really got us thinking about cool, short songs. In particular, ‘Postmortem’ by SLAYER seemed to really get our blood flowing. We all talked about it afterward, how they managed to squeeze so many AWESOME riffs into 3 minutes and 28 seconds is just freakin’ mind-boggling …”
However, Flynn stressed he was writing a journal, not a press release: “Can’t really tell where it’s all gonna end up, you can’t really plan that out, but that’s some of what we’ve been bouncing around.”
Additionally, Flynn confirmed that Machine Head were currently free agents, following the completion of the band’s recording contract with Roadrunner Records. He explained that he was unsure if the band would sign with another label, or release a physical CD: “I am absolutely not interested in selling CDs first week of release for $16, $17 or $18 dollars/euros/pounds. I’m not interested in selling CDs at all, frankly, though I realize people still buy and appreciate them… but hey, change is inevitable, especially in this business. Just like cassettes became obsolete, just like CD longboxes became obsolete.”
Flynn closed by putting it to Machine Head fans: “How do YOU want MACHINE HEAD’s music? Do YOU want a CD? Do YOU want a Spotify stream? Do YOU want the ease of an iTunes download? Do YOU want vinyl with that digital download? Do YOU want a new/different configuration no one has thought about/offered? A guitar that plays the whole record through a USB plug? A calendar-sized booklet with nothing but a download code?
“Write me at, post on our Facebook page, tweet it to me, post a Blabbermouth comment, I’ll read it all. Because to me, it’s all about making the best music we can, about striving to be better than the rest, not just good, but absolutely bad-fucking-ass. Making something so powerful, it can’t help but be heard. And frankly, that’s all that matters. The rest will sort itself out.”

In other news, Machine Head recently announced that Flynn and fellow guitarist Phil Demmel will be appear at the 2013 NAMM show. The following statement was issued to the band’s official Facebook Page: “Machine Head will be appearing at NAMM this coming January 24th thru the 27th. Phil Demmel will be doing an autograph signing at the Jackson Guitars booth on Saturday at 2PM, Robb Flynn will be doing an acoustic performance at the upstairs Epiphone booth on Friday at 4PM, and both Phil and Robb will be signing at the EMG booth on Saturday at 11AM.”