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BIOGRAPHY – Matt Devries

Matt De Vries is the rhythm guitarist and songwriter of heavy metal band Chimaira.

Matt DeVries was born in 1977, growing up in Cleveland Ohio. He was playing in a local metal band Ascension when he was asked to join Chimaira, called in to replace founder band member Jason Hagar.

Hagar had left in order to be with his wife during the birth of their first child and did not want to go on tour with the band.

Matt De Vries joined the band in 2001, after the debut album “Pass out of Existence” had already been recorded. He went on tour with the band, playing Jason Hagar’s part and returned with the band after the lengthy tour to work on the next album “The Impossibility of reason” released in May 2003.

This was the first album that Matt De Vries played on and he contributed to song writing, working in collaboration with Rob Arnold and Mark Hunter on a couple of songs , including “The dehumanizing process” the title of the band’s debut DVD release.

The band released the album “Chimaira” in 2005 and in the same year, Matt De Vries took part in Road Runner United – Roadrunner’s 25th anniversary CD, the “All-Star Sessions”.

Matt De Vries played on Annihilation by the Hands of God –and Constitution Down both written by Jordy Jordison of Slipknot which featured Jordy playing drums on both tracks.

Chimaira have subsequently released two further albums – “Resurrection” in 2007 following a split from Roadrunner records in 2006, and “The Infection” in 2009. They are currently signed with Ferret.

During the European “Infection” tour in 2009, Matt DeVries had to pull out temporarily when his girl friend was expecting their first child. He was replaced by Emil Werstler of Dååth. However, unlike Jason Hagar, Matt De Vries absence was temporary and he has since re joined the band.

Matt De Vries endorses ESP guitars and plays a signature MFA-600.