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BIOGRAPHY – Matt Heafy

Matt Heafy is the lead guitarist and singer for heavy metal band Trivium and he also plays in side project metal band Capharnaum.

Matt Heafy was born in 1986, growing up in Orlando Florida. He listened to Iron Maiden and Metallica as a teenager and attended Lake Brantley High School. Matt Heafy was playing guitar in a school talent contest when he was asked by singer Brad Lewter to audition for the band he was putting together. Matt Heafy joined the band as guitarist and Trivium started playing gigs in the local area. Brad Lewter then left and Matt Heafy took over the vocals.

Trivium recorded a demo disc in 2003 and a copy was heard by German record label Lifeforce who signed them and recorded first album “Ember to Inferno”. The album came to Roadrunner’s attention and the band signed a deal with them in 2004.

Matt Heafy was involved in producing the second album “Ascendency” and this album was released in March 2005. The album received critical acclaim. The duelling guitars of Matt Heafy and fellow lead and rhythm guitarist Corey Beaulieu created a liquid guitar sound that wowed the critics.

Trivium were on tour in the UK in 2005 and opened the Download festival held at Castle Donnington. Matt Heafy later said that it was this gig that launched them on the world stage.

Two albums have since followed, “The Crusade “in 2006 and “Shogun “in 2008. The band have toured a lot, performing at the Mayhem festival which they headlined, as well as touring their albums being supported by other quality metal acts such as Chimaira.

The band have recently contributed to the soundtrack for the Play Station game Gods of War.

Matt Heafy also plays in death metal band Capharnaum. Not a founder member he sings and provides vocals. This band has released three albums with Matt Heafy playing on “Fractured “released in 2004.

Matt Heafy is well known for playing a black Gibson Les Paul and has had four Dean Signature Matt Heafy guitars after him, including a seven string Dean MKH Rising Sun.