Gear Geek – Soldering Guitar Cables Part 1

Gear Geek – Soldering Guitar Cables Part 1

In this episode of Gear Geek, Devildriver guitarist Mike Spreitzer demonstrates how to solder guitar cables. In part one of the episode, Mike runs through all the tools required for the job and explains why soldering is such an important skill to learn. Check it out in the video below.


Mike explained that having the ability to make guitar cables can help to improve the guitar’s tone and can also make for smoother live performances. “The longer your cable is, it can attract more noise and also, I believe that after about three meters of cable length your signal will start to degrade. In my guitar rig I’ve made every cable myself and I make it to a specific length…If you have a problem with your guitar rig live and you have to troubleshoot something quickly, rather than go through a rat’s nest of cables you have everything cut to length. It can make things a lot easier to pinpoint the problem.”

Mike closed with a piece of advice to guitarists who favor buying guitar leads, “There’s a lot of cheap cable out there that will affect your tone. If you learn how to solder, which is not very hard…and you use good connectors with good cable…it will improve your tone and save you money.”

For high-quality guitar cables Mike recommends:
.Neutrik right angle connectors
.Switchcraft and Neutrik connectors
.Canare cables


Tools required to make guitar cables:
.Soldering iron
.60/40 Solder
.Wire Strippers
.Adjustable Pliers
.Wire cutters
.Shrink tubing
.Vice to hold cable in place

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