Before The Mourning Release Lyric Video for ‘Another Sleepless Night’

Los Angeles, CA will always be the center of the music and entertainment industry. The scenes and styles may change but what remains constant is the attention the city and culture receives surrounding its music scene. It is always pleasant to see new and up and coming bands break onto the Sunset Strip and make their mark. It is true that the scene may not have the decadence and destruction that the 1980’s personified, but music is different now; it isn’t about the destruction but the survival.

The LA metal scene in 2014 is quite a different from the past and currently there aren’t really any particular movements like the Hair Metal trends of the 1980’s or the controversial Nu-Metal bands of the 1990’s. Beyond the styles that are out there, trying to label all of these sub genres of music can be quite exhausting. It makes more sense to show what a band can do then try to fit them into a category or particular genre.

Before The Mourning is exactly the type of band that will continue to make a mark on the music scene in LA. As everyone in town continues to see what the next hit or big thing in music will be, the LA-based quintet has been working on music, playing shows and continuing to hone their craft. A band very comfortable in their own shoes they blend perfectly delectable riffs and heaviness with cathartic screams and vibrant choruses.

They’ve recently completed a lyric video for ‘Another Sleepless Night’ which, according to drummer Phil Gonyea, was written in response to vocalist Adam Ryan’s recent relationship break-up. The drummer stated, “That was written immediately after Adam’s fiancee called off their engagement and relationship. It’s about falling into deep depression and relying on self-medication to combat self-loathing. It’s a dark place a lot of people have certainly been.”

B4TM will definitely continue to make it’s mark on the music climate in and around Los Angeles. They’re a very promising band with what we’re sure is a vibrant future ahead.

Check out the video for ‘Another Sleepless Night’ below, and check the group out on Facebook, too.