10 Reasons Children of Bodom’s ‘Hate Crew Deathroll’ Rules


#6 – Alexi and keyboardist Janne Warmen are comparable to Yngwie Malmsteen and Jens Johansson

Anyone who knows Yngwie Malmsteen knows that not only are the guitars completely insane and technical, but that the accompanying keyboards are as well. Solos and parts were often doubled, harmonized or layered with maximum proficiency. Live, there were extended solos that showcased their abilities. Just like Yngwie and Jens, Janne and Alexi had some great moments on this record, such as the solos to Needled 24/7 and Angels Don’t Kill. As the band saw more and more headline gigs on this tour, the two virtuosos were able to jam live and battle each other. That was inbetween a few beers, of course.

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