Adam Jones, More Than Just A Guitarist

Tool guitarist, Adam Jones has one of the most impressive resume’s a guitarist can have. Jones has won several Grammy’s, has been rated in the Top 100 guitarist by Rolling Stone and in the Top 10 in Guitar World’s greatest metal guitarists. Jones also gets credits for some of Tool’s music videos. He’s done special effects for Predator 2 and Terminator 2. He does fine-art sculptures in bronze and also creates posters.
Recently he has added another tool to the belt in the comic book field on the X-Files/30 Days of Night crossover. This would appear to be the beginning of this jump. At a comic convention, Jones met with Steve Niles and the two hit it off . “I first met Steve at a comic convention,” Jones says. “We found that we liked the same old comics, muscle cars, bad horror movies and video games. It was a true nerd relationship.”
After bouncing some ideas around, they decided on the crossover they wanted, thus an X-Files/30 Days of Night crossover. Working with the X-files team, they finished the series, and held true to both series’  “Adam not only provided good visuals, scenes and twists,” Niles says, “but he shocked me by coming up with the ending, which is the most pivotal story element.” Whilst Jones is busy with a new Tool album he says “I’m hoping we can get something out in 2011,”. “We have to keep going until the magic starts happening.”

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