All Axess Exclusive; My First Guitar With James ‘Munky’ Shaffer

Korn and Fear And The Nervous System guitarist, James ‘Munky Shaffer has sat down with All Axess to talk about his first ever guitar, and the players who inspired him to pick it up. The video interview can be viewed below.


“My first guitar was an acoustic, nylon string,” Munky revealed. “My brother, he had an acoustic guitar that was in his closet for I don’t know how long, but we put strings on it. I didn’t even know, steel strings? nylon strings? Everything from there was just…learning.”
While Munky may be best known for his thumping grooves and eerie sounds on his down tuned, 7-string Ibanez, the guitarist says that when he first started out, he aspired to play a totally different style of guitar. “I really wanted to start playing classical guitar. I liked finger plucking. I think what inspired that was Randy Rhodes, I think he was sort of my first inspiration.”
In recent times, both of Munky’s bands have released new albums; Korn brought out a dubstep record, ‘The Path of Totality,’ which debuted in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200, while his side project Fear And The Nervous System released their highly accalaimed, debut, self-titled album. Both albums can be purchased by following the links below.


Click here to buy ‘The Path Of Totality.’
Click here to buy Fear And The Nervous System.

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