All Axess Exclusive: Rig Rundown With Black Stone Cherry’s Chris Robertson

All Axess recently caught up with Black Stone Cherry guitarist/vocalist Chris Robertson to get a rundown of his gear. Check out the video below.


Robertson is a longtime endorsee of PRS guitars. “I’m an exclusive PRS guy…they’re damn good guitars. They know what they’re doing.”
Roberston takes four guitars on the road with him, and they all have one thing in common. “Pretty much every guitar I have is coil tappable…My favorite guitars are the PRS Grissom models. They’re awesome…They come stock with five springs, so you don’t have to worry about tuning much. They tend to keep their tune really well.”
For Black Stone Cherry live performances, Roberston uses his ever-reliable Budda SuperDrive 45 series II head amplifier, and unlike many guitarists he has no qualms in sharing his amp’s settings. “There’s my settings feel free to steal them…I’m not one of those guys who’s like, ‘you can’t take my settings.’ It’s just a guitar and an amp. You can either make it sound good or not.”
Roberston also explained what inspired the symbolism painted on his Peavey 6505 cabinets. “Of course I have got our ‘Cherry logo on there…the other one I got has the peace sign, the cross, the heart and the smiley face. It’s a little saying I came up with a while back, when I was battling with depression…peace, health, love, joy; those four things seemed to really help me through all that.”

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