All That Remains Guitarist Mike Martin Talks Online Critics recently caught up with All That Remains guitarist Mike Martin to talk about how he deals with the heavy criticism the band has been known to endure online.

Despite having amassed a substantial fan base and sold 800,000 records since its formation in 1998, All That Remains is a constant target among online critics.
mLive noted: “Rock fans say the band’s music is too hard, while metal listeners note the tunes aren’t heavy enough.”
Martin explained that the negative online comments were at first disheartening: “At first I thought the band was failing. I thought our careers were over. ‘Oh my god, all these kids hate us.’”
However, he said that he soon realized that the comments were not a reflection of everyone’s opinion of the band: “…the percentage of those people who go on the Internet and bitch all day is so small. You’ve got five to 10 kids online that are complaining about your new record, then you go headline a show and there’s a 1,000 or 2,000 people there. Makes you feel better about yourself.”
Martin said that the reproach no longer bothered the band members: “It’s never been too much of a concern of ‘What are people going to say if we do this?’ We just do it, which is why we have so much variety.”
He added: “We get crucified by kids online, but we’re so used to that. It’s not a big deal. There are people who wake up in the morning and just live to hate bands on the Internet.”

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