Ben Bruce Reflects On Asking Alexandria’s “Dark Period”

Asking Alexandria founding guitarist Ben Bruce has reflected on the band’s career to date, claiming that after a, “dark period,” they are stronger than ever before.
In a recent interview with the Mike James Rock Show, Bruce said that past incidents, such as in 2011, when singer Danny Worsnop performed severely intoxicated in Seattle, has helped the band to grow stronger: “Rather than shy away from it and bury it, which a lot of bands would try and do because it was a dark period of our career, we embraced it, everything that’s happened to this band only made us stronger and got us to where we are now.”
A snippet of Asking Alexandria’s now infamous 2011 performance is featured on ‘Don’t Pray for Me’ on the new Asking Alexandria album, ‘From Death To Destiny.’ “Basically, we recognize what we were going through and thank you for sticking by us. We’re still here, we are stronger than we ever have been before,” Bruce explained.
He added that the band owed a lot to their fans for their unyielding support: “It sounds very cliche, but I genuinely think our fanbase is different from so many other bands,” he began. “They are incredibly loyal, I’ve never seen so many band tattoos on fans other than maybe Avenged Sevenfold. It’s just a really nice thing knowing that even when we’re down, our fans are there.”
Check out the full interview in the video below.

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