Billy Howerdel: “I’d Like To Get An APC Record Underway”

A Perfect Circle guitarist and co-founder Billy Howerdel has revealed he is ready and raring to begin work on a new album.
In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Howerdel said he had written a few new songs for vocalist Maynard James Keenan to work on: “…but I know, Maynard is in full Tool mode right now,” he added. “They’re writing a new record, and I have given him some songs that maybe he’s going to look at, but I don’t know how he does with juggling those things at the same time.”
He continued: “I’d like to get an APC record underway. But I don’t know – I’m just leaving it up to him and what his schedule allows. I’ll be there when he’s available.”
In the meantime, A Perfect Circle will release a best of compilation, ‘Three Sixty,’ which features ‘By And Down,’ the group’s first new song in nine years. Howerdel said the song was first tested live: “It kind of came about in 2010, 2011. The song was unique in that we played it live on the 2011 tour, before it was recorded in the studio, which was kind of interesting for us, because we usually do it the opposite way, where you do a studio recording and try and figure out how you’re going to retool it to play it live.”
Howerdel said that knowing the song well actually made it more difficult to record: “I thought you’d just throw it down, but studio recordings are just a different thing than live. It’s a different thing than rehearsal – especially for a band like this, where there are layers and textures involved. So that was a little more challenging than I thought.”
He recalled that the song was written in the most innocent of circumstances: “The song started out just plucking around on the keyboard. I was playing around with my three-year-old son at the time, and as he was pounding with both fists on the keyboard, I just happened to come up with a little melody and recorded it quickly, and then revisited it an hour later and got the beginnings of the song laid out. I sent it to Maynard, and he seemed to like it. He put some vocal-scat syllables and rhythm on it, sent it back, and I knew it was going to be a contender for a song. And it just built it from there.”
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