Corey Beaulieu Discusses Future Trivium Releases

Pure Grain Audio caught up with Trivium guitarist Corey Beaulieu at the recent Heavy MTL in Canada to talk about the next Trivium album and to discuss whether or not he thought there is any cogency in releasing singles over full-length records. The interview can be viewed in the video below.

Beaulieu said that Trivium will be taking some time off to recharge once their current tour run is completed and will begin working on the new album in the New Year: “…as soon as January hits, we’re pumping out a new album that will hopefully be out maybe August or September next year; that’s kind of the goal.”
He added that Trivium will be entering the studio well prepared: “…we’re always coming up with ideas and we’ve been demoing, just on a laptop, in the back of the bus — very do-it-yourself-type stuff. But it sounds great.”
Beaulieu explained that writing on the road makes the recording process more efficient: “We’re really getting the ideas worked out and we’re just trying to get as much done on tour that we can possibly do and get the songs as best as they can be, so once we get off tour, we don’t have to sit around for a couple of months trying to figure out what the f**k we’re doing. We just wanna get in the studio and get this stuff recorded.”
While the trend in the music business may currently be curved towards releasing singles over albums, Beaulieu was adamant that the format would not be one that Trivium would adopt anytime soon: “Our music lets us be able to go out and play shows and stuff, so you’ve gotta take advantage when you have the opportunity to really harness your inspiration and your creativity to the max. If you’re only doing one song at a time spread out, you really don’t get… If you do a song and a tour, you’re not really getting in the zone for whatever you’re trying to do.”
Beaulieu pointed out that the majority of metal fans would prefer a full-length album, regardless of Trivium’s standpoint on the issue,: “ We like the cohesion of a full record, listening to it all the way through, and I think a lot of metal fans like that; metal fans aren’t single-buying, flavor-of-the-week, whatever-is-hot-on-the-radio-type thing…”
He continued, “The way our music is, you want a full record, ’cause it’s like… If my favorite band, like if the TESTAMENT album that just came out, if it was just one song that was awesome, I’d be like, ‘Goddamn, I wish there was ten more songs to listen to.’ One song is kind of like dick tease. A single, you listen to the song, and you get stoked on the album, ’cause you wanna hear more new songs. So if there was just the single, I’d be like, ‘This sucks. I wanna hear more.”

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