Darkest Hour Gets ‘Amped’ By All Axess

This week, the ‘Amped artist of the week’ is metal band Darkest Hour. You can check out their song ‘Your Every Disaster’ below.


After 15 years in the business, most bands have passed their peak, and would perhaps be better off retired. However, with Darkest Hour this is absolutely not the case. In fact, it’s just the opposite. After 15 years in the business, Darkest Hour are an established, professional, well-grilled machine, and they are only growing stronger.
Guitarist Mike Schleibaum describes the bands sound, “…we bring in some deeper emotional stuff into the thrash sound, and we take both Swedish metal and American metal influence. Sometimes it even sounds like explosions in the sky. There is some melancholy, but it’s bigger.”
With album number seven, ‘The Human Romance’ under their belt, the band has finally started to gain a serious presence on the metal scene. The album is a showcase of Darkest Hour at their finest. Schleibaum says that the band has taken their music to new heights, “The band is a more grown up version of what it was… We were able to step back and take something established and re-polish it in a way where we could present it as something new.”
After so long just scraping by, no one would have held it against Darkest Hour if they had thrown in the towel years ago. But thankfully for us all they didn’t, and they are now starting to reap the benefits of their hard work. Of course, the guitarist agrees that at times, it has felt hopeless, but is adamant that Darkest Hour will continue no matter what the future holds. “When you are 30 and broke, still chasing the dream and the artistic endeavor of being in a heavy metal band, you get to the point where you think, ‘I can’t do this anymore,’ but everyone in the band is addicted. There is no hope. We love it regardless of the misery that comes with being in a band. We are five dudes that are addicted to the misery of band life that we will continue to do it over and over.”
Currently, thousands of head-bangers across Europe are getting to witness the rising force that is Darkest Hour in top form, as they tour alongside Devildriver, and Bring Me The Horizon as part of headliner’s Machine Head’s ‘The Eighth Plague’ Tour.
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