Death Angel Guitarist Posts Update On ‘A Thrashumentary’

Death Angel guitarist Ted Aguilar has posted a video explaining the reasons for the delays in the release of the band’s long-awaited film, ‘A Thrashumentary.’ Check it out below.

Aguilar said that the film, which was originally scheduled for release in spring this year, was nearing completion: “We’re just getting last-minute interviews. Tonight, we just got Chuck Billy from Testament doing an interview for the documentary.”
The guitarist added that ‘A Thrashumentary’ should be out early next year: “The last interview we’re gonna get is a very special guest I’m not gonna mention. It’s gonna be really cool, and as soon as we get the last very special guest, it’s gonna be done. So it’s for sure coming out in early 2013.”
Aguilar assured fans the film will be worth the wait: “We saw the rough edits that [director] Tommy Jones has been doing, and it’s coming out incredible. It’s a documentary everyone’s going to be proud of.
‘A Thrashumentary’ will cover the San Francisco Bay Area metal veterans career, which has spanned more than three decades. Aguilar explained: “It’s gonna cover the history of Death Angel from the very beginning all the way up to the current version of Death Angel now. It’s gonna be jam-packed with a lot of old footage, stuff from early D.A., even their side projects after D.A., when D.A. broke up and The Organization formed, and the reformation of the band [for an appearance at] Thrash Of The Titans [festival in 2001].”
A special 12-minute trailer for the disc was shown at last year’s Heavy Metal Film Festival, which was held in Los Angeles from March 31 through April 2. It can also be seen below.


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