Deliver Us From Evil Part Ways With Guitarist

Deliver Us From Evil, a former All Axess ‘Amped Artist Of The Week’ have announced they have parted ways with guitarist John Matheis. A statement from the band can be read below.

“We, the members of Deliver Us From Evil, have decided to make the following announcement to our fans…

“The past several months have been an intense period for Deliver Us From Evil due to a number of reasons, and we have encountered some difficult obstacles as of late. There’s no easy way to say this, so we’ll just say it…

“Our founding and lead guitarist John has decided to leave the group. The band has known awhile, and to put it simply, it was a bitter pill to swallow. In the end, though, we agree that John’s decision is his own to make, and we sincerely wish him the best in his future endeavors..

Furthermore, the band updated fans on their future plans: “We recorded an awesome new 3 song EP with Mark Lewis of Audiohammer Studios and Brett Mulzer of 77 Recording, as well as our longtime friend Jon Munnier, who let us use his studio space for guitars and vocals. We recorded the songs in the fall of 2011, so it’s a bit overdue for release. Nobody understands this more than us, as we pour our hearts into what we do. However, we always want to ensure we create the best music we can as well as properly execute with our live show, and that’s hard to do with a sudden break in the line up as well as venues closing down in the local area. So, what’s a band to do?

“We decided to pull back a bit with Deliver Us From Evil, take a breather, and reflect on our situation. We have all personally endured difficult scenarios during this rough patch, and we all have our methods for therapy. In turn, some of our members have explored new areas of music and art, which has ultimately helped in developing enough material to record our second full-length album.

“With everything that’s happened in life for us as of late, we have channeled our experience into a series of raw and powerful tracks. Deliver Us From Evil has indeed evolved, but we are still true to what this band was built upon. We have drawn from our musical influences, our life experiences, and used our challenges as catalysts to break new ground and expand our vision. This is without a doubt our best material yet, and our fans will not be disappointed.

“We are extremely excited to have an incredible amount of substance to our new material, but we are still in the healing process. Not wanting to slow down, we have kept ourselves busy with other pursuits while making sure we can keep the band alive for the future. There are many songs to share, many stories to tell, and make no mistake…we are not giving up. We have not forgotten you, the fans, and your words have not fallen on deaf ears.

“The fact that we have been able to connect on a deeper level with our fans is what sustains us, and as a result, we realize that this music is not ours to keep to ourselves. It is our duty and responsibility to share it with you, because we have had the privilege to learn from our influences before us.

“This band has so much potential, and that’s why we can’t quit what we do. We simply have obstacles to overcome, but even though our luck has seemed to gone sour, we have experienced an overwhelming sense of inspiration to continue pursuing the vision we have had all along. We will not roll over and die. We will come back stronger than ever, and we won’t settle for anything less than the best from ourselves as well as those we choose to associate with.

“The old-school fans know our motto: DUFE or DIE

“We will keep you updated as our situation unfolds.

“We love you!
“-Deliver Us From Evil”
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