Dimebag Darrell Tribute Skateboard And Unheard Song Released

Pro skateboarder and owner at Elephant Brand Skateboards Mike Valley has today announced the release of the Dimebag Darrell tribute skateboard, as well as the launch of a previously unreleased Dimebag song titled ‘Twisted.’ Check out the video below.

Valley worked in conjunction with Dimebag Hardware, which was founded by Dime and his long-term girlfriend Rita Haney on the project. Perhaps even more exciting than the board is the video that has been released to promote it. Backed by ‘Twisted,’ which was written and performed entirely by the late, great Pantera axeman; it is easily one of the greatest adverts ever made.
Filmed at Dime and Haney’s ‘Fortress’ in Texas, the video also features several noted Pantera characters, including Jeff ‘Outlaw the Redneck Landscaper’ Thull and Jason ‘Blackey’ Lackey, competitive street skater Stone Hendrikx as well as Valley, Haney and Eric Hendrikx.
According to Haney, who provided the track from her personal Dimebag collection, ‘Twisted’ was composed in the mid-1990s and instantly sprang to mind when she saw the promo video. “This little ditty is one Dime created after we moved into the hut in DWG, Texas–Darrell triumphantly referred our home as ‘The Fortress.’ It was just before his 30th birthday in July of ’96–hence the line, ‘I lived the lives of a million men/Yet I ain’t even 30 years old.’ When we were selecting a song for the video, ‘Twisted’ was the first that came to mind and, after seeing what Eric and Stone Hendrikx captured on video, it was the perfect song and vibe—100 percent Dime-style!”
She added that the song was of huge sentimental value to her.“One of my fondest memories was when Darrell played me the song for the first time and he said, ‘Did ya catch it? You went Gold!’ He was referring to the last chorus where he sings, ‘Can you feel me in your soul? I’ve been by your side for 10 long years and I ain’t even 30 years old, no!’ I still have the biggest smile on my face every time I hear it!!!”
The Dimebag Darrell Tribute Skateboard comes in a sick mid-80′s inspired shape but has the concave and pop of any modern-day board. Valley has had the following to say about the tribute board. “What’s important to know is that this is not just a piece of merch. This is a skateboard meant to be skated—something that Dime did and loved.” He added, “Dime’s life and legacy is something I value. As a Pantera fan and as a fan of Dimebag, to share his life, music and legacy through skateboarding… Man, it’s just too cool.”
Haney says that only Valley would have been able to pull the project off. “Mike is the perfect person to capture the spirit of Dime,” she said. “With his rebellious ‘stand up for your family and by your friends’ attitude and always shooting straight from the heart. Mike and Dime are two peas in a pod—rock stars and legends in two different realms, but not so different…entwined with the same ferocious intensity and presence in each of their performances and, at the same time, they both bear the most genuine of gentle hearts… I am very honored to have Elephant Brand Skateboards represent another passion of Darrell’s—skating!”

Click here to purchase the Dimebag Darrell Tribute Skateboard.
Click here to purchase ‘Twisted.’


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