Ex-Deicide Guitarist: “Glen Benton Is Obligated To Send Us Our Royalties”

Masterful Magazine recently caught up with Amon guitarist Eric Hoffman to talk about the circumstances surrounding his split with Deicide in 2004 and how the relationship with his former bandmates is now.


Hoffman and his brother Brian parted ways with Deicide in November 2004, allegedly over publishing rights, contractual disputes, royalties and growing animosity within the ranks.
However, Hoffman explained that neither he nor his brother simply walked away from the the band: “No one quit Deicide. We split all royalties and publishing, or no deal.”
He added: “Glen wrote one song musically: ‘Trifixion,’ then I arranged it, in his whole career and one part in ‘Dead By Dawn.’ Yes, very brutal.”
Despite being proud of the music he helped Deicide to create, Hoffman remained adamant that both he and his brother had received a disproportionate amount of royalties: “All publishing and royalties are always split 4 ways. Glen Benton is obligated to send us our royalties for ‘Scars.’ He took it upon himself to have Earache Records send all royalties and publishing to Glen Benton.”
Hoffman also commented on Ralph Santolla, his former guitar teacher and replacement Deicide guitarist: “He gave me two guitar lessons for a Marshall cab,” he said. “He still owes me some lessons. No problem, other than some lessons, or some cash. You have the Internet to be your teacher. You can learn all the scales and modes, all the tabs. It is awesome. That is your new teacher, the computer.”

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