Fear Factory Guitarist Dino Cazares On ‘The Industrialist’

Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares recently caught up with Guitar World to talk about the bands upcoming concept album ‘The Industrialist,’ as well as their recent lineup changes. A couple of excerpts from the chat can be found below.


‘The Industrialist’ is the second Fear Factory album to feature Cazares since his return to the fold for their 2010 release ‘Mechanize,’ and one of many concept albums released by the band since the mid 90s. However, this  time around, the axeman says the metal veterans are looking at things from another point of view. “We’ve always been presenting the concept of man versus technology and man versus machine. The past records have been about the perspective of the human, but this one is about the automaton, which is a robot.”
Cazares elaborated further on the concept of ‘The Industrialist.’ “The concept is about his perception, what the automaton sees, what he feels and what he learns. He’s basically a robot that collects memories and stores them. He’s fighting for his life, and for other automatons. We as humans built the automaton to help us for everyday life, but he basically turns against humans. And that’s what the story is about.”
Just as with ‘Mechanize,’ Cazares used 7-string and 8-string, “Ibanez guitars with Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups, going to Line 6 Pod HD direct into the computer” for the new record. As a user of  7-string and 8-string guitars for many years, Cazares is quick to defend the guitars from those who say players don’t make use of the extra strings. “For me, it’s the lower tuning and the tension. If I wanted to tune my 7-string lower, I have to get the thick strings, and the tension would be really sloppy. So for me, using the baritone 8-string definitely helps out with the tension on the low strings.”
The guitarist added that 8-string guitars helped him to the write slow, ultra heavy segments featured in ‘The Industrialist.’ “Obviously you want to try to be heavy. I only use the 8-string on the slower songs. When I use it to play fast, it doesn’t always come out that great. So I only use it on the slower songs. For me, I can do a lot more harmonies, a lot more octaves with the low F to the higher strings, and it opens up my playing quite a lot. I use a lot of harmonies on the songs, and the 8-string works perfectly for that purpose.”
Unlike ‘Mechanize,’ which contained elements of thrash and speed metal all the way through it, ‘The Industrialist’ sees Fear Factory return to their roots. “On this record, our approach was that we used a drum program on the computer. Basically, me and Burton decided to take control of creating the record ourselves, of course, with the help of Rhys Fulber, our producer,” Cazares explained. “But in the beginning, we decided to do it ourselves so that it would be more of us, more of Fear Factory, and less thrash. A lot less guitar solos, but very ripping, very fast and hard-hitting. I think this record is more classic Fear Factory.”
Cazares also talked about the departure of Byron Stroud and Gene Hoglan, as well as the bands two new inclusions, bassist Matt DeVries and touring drummer Mike Heller. “I didn’t feel like it was a big change at all. I mean, of course we miss them as friends, because we toured with them for the last three years, but everybody does their thing. Byron is playing in 3 Inches Of Blood now and Gene is playing in .. every band [laughs]. Gene is one of those drummers that everybody needs. You’re lucky if you get him, you know what I mean? Right now, he’s doing Testament, he’s doing Dethklok, he’s doing a lot of stuff. But I do believe we have really good, solid players in Mike Heller and Matt DeVries. The band sounds really tight and solid, and I’m really happy about it. I wouldn’t pick shitty musicians.”

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‘The Industrialist’ is set to drop June 5.

Fear Factory are currently on tour in support of the forthcoming album. Upcoming dates are listed below.
5/17/2012: Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL (NEW)
5/20/2012: Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
5/23/2012: Yost Theater – Santa Ana, CA (NEW)

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