Ghost Brigade Streaming 10 Minute Opus ‘Electra Complex’

The Finnish Melodic Doom Metal outfit Ghost Brigade, have just unleashed a 10 minute opus upon the internet for all to enjoy. The track, ‘Electra Complex‘, is the first taste of what is to come from Ghost Brigade when they release their fourth album ‘IV – One With The Storm‘, which is due for release November 17 via Season of Mist Records.

The band has released three albums to date; ‘Guided By Fire‘ (2007), ‘Isolation Songs‘ (2009), and ‘Until Fear No Longer Defines Us‘ (2011). The first album , ‘Guided By Fire‘ featured guest vocalist, Frederik Nordin, of the band Dozer, while keys where provided on the first two albums by fellow Finnish musician, Aleksi Munter, from the Melodic Doom sextet, Swallow The Sun.

As is to be expected from Ghost Brigade, the track is slow and brooding, while also being the perfect track to relax to, slowly building over the course of the track from airy, atmospheric and ambient, into a full on melodic metal assault before returning back to the original opening of the track, bringing it full circle.

The new album ‘IV – One With The Storm‘ can be pre-ordered here for those in Europe, and here for those in North America.

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