Gus G Compares Ozzy Osbourne Guitarists

Gus G says he has no trouble adapting his playing styles to suit both Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne. The guitarist has told Rock AAA that it’s manageable because both bands are of the same breed.
“… the thing is it’s not a big problem for me to switch like that because I come from that same school of heavy metal and rock guitar, and it feels natural for me to play these songs, and I’m really enjoying both… they are very different things, but at the same time they have the same roots. I can’t explain it properly, but I hope it makes sense.”
While the bands may be from the same school, at this point, they most certainly aren’t in the same class. The axeman spoke about what it was like playing with up and comers Firewind, and at the same time being the guitarist for one of the most recognized rockers in history. “With Ozzy I’m playing all these classic songs where I try to do them justice. Then I go and do my own things and the songs I wrote with Firewind and stuff that is natural to me.”
Some of metal’s most renowned guitarist have played and written with Ozzy Osbourne. Gus says that while Zakk Wylde was more of a shredder than the others, learning how to play contributions from all of Ozzy’s guitarists was technically demanding. “Everyone needed special attention… Randy {Rhoads} was blending in the classical music with hard rock, and Jake Lee was doing all this weird stuff. I think he is a very underrated player; he was very ahead of his time… I would say everybody is special in their own way.”
Gus G also commented on metal legends Judas Priest, new guitarist Richie Faulkner, with whom he and Firewind have played alongside on their current tour. “Richie is doing a great job, and I’m very glad he got the job (to come into the band). He’s a ripper, is doing great on stage. People seem to really love what he is doing… I think he really deserves it.”

You can watch the full chat below. Who is your favorite Ozzy Osbourne guitarist?

Gus G from Rock AAA on Vimeo.

Firewind has recently launched a trailer promoting their upcoming ‘Defiance Over Europe’ and ‘North American Frets Of Fury’ tours. You can watch it below.

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