Gwar Pay Tribute To Cory Smoot In Unmasked Set

The remaining members of Gwar have honored their late guitarist Cory Smoot, who unexpectedly passed away earlier this month, by playing an unmasked set. You can check out the fan-film footage below.


The concert took place on November 9 in Portland, Oregon and gave fans of the band a chance to say goodbye to the renowned guitarist.

In the footage below you can see Gwar playing the song, ‘Maggots,’ which was followed by an impromptu tribute to Smoot, along with a performance of the classic song, ‘Sick Of You.’
Smoot was the fifth guitarist to play the part of Flattus Maximus, a character defined by its red face, white dreadlocks, dinosaur-head shoulder pads and reptile feet. He will also be the last. Since his passing, the iconic character has been retired, as a tribute to Smoot.
Smoot was born on August 25, 1977. Before he was with Gwar, he had played in several semi-successful metal bands, including Misguided, Locus Factor and Mensrea, as well as his own solo project, The Cory Smoot Experiment. He will be sorely missed by thousands across the globe.

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