In Flames Guitarist Announces Nero 54/68 With Morbid Angel Frontman

In Flames guitarist Niclas Engelin, Morbid Angel frontman David Vincent and Hardcore Superstar drummer Magnus ‘Adde’ Andreasson have announced the formation of a new project, titled Nero 54/68.
Few details on the project have been released; however, In Flames posted a link to the official Nero 54/68 Facebook page, encouraging fans to go and check out the band.
“Everybody should go ahead and support Nero5468! Niclas new project with David Vincent and Adde Andreasson!” the In Flames post read.
In Flames recently announced Engelin would be replaced by The Haunted guitarist Patrik Jensen for a number of the band’s current European shows.
Details are sketchy on why Engelin is off the tour and exactly how many shows he is going to miss. A statement posted on the official In Flames Facebook page simply wrote that Jensen would take Engelin’s place, “for a few shows this summer.”
Stay tuned for further updates.

Click here to visit the Nero 54/68 Facebook page.
Click here for a full list of In Flames tour dates.

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