In This Moment Guitarist Chris Howorth Gives All Axess A ‘Rig Rundown’

In This Moment lead guitarist Chris Howorth was recently kind enough to take some time out, to walk you through his gear.


In this segment, Howorth goes over his much used and abused pedalboard, his Krank cabinets and heads, as well as his two favorite touring guitars, including his Jeff Loomis custom, which according to Howorth, “plays fucking great.”
Howorth’s other main guitar for the road is his, “stars wars guitar” – a white Schecter Hellraiser that is almost covered in Star Wars stickers. Howorth has called on his fans to help him finish the job, “Looking for stickers, In This Moment fans. So if you wanna give some, send them to my house.”

You can watch the full rig rundown below.

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