Jason Hook: American Capitalist Is “An Extension Of ‘War Is The Answer’”

Five Finger Death Punch could still be touring their ’09 gold selling record ‘War Is The Answer,’ which saw them affirm themselves as one of the front-runners in the metal industry. However, the band began making preparations to record a their new album ‘American Capitalist,’ and hit the studio in December last year. Now, as the release date of the album looms, guitarist Jason Hook has described it as being “…an extension of where ‘War Is The Answer’ left off.”


“The business has changed a little bit, where people are anxious to consume quickly. And so, if you keep them hanging on 10 songs, for three years, that’s not really fair to the fans, and it’s not really good for business. Even though it’s a lot of work to do these records, to maintain that level of intensity… it can where you out…”


Speaking with Revolver TV, Hook said that ‘American Capitalist,’ is the product of their natural progression, as a band, and emotionally, “It wasn’t that long ago that we finished ‘War Is The Answer,’ so this is just like us going in and doing the same thing that we do, naturally…In my opinion this could be side C and D of ‘War Is The Answer.’” Adding, “I think that we’ve evolved more on a personal level, then on a musical level. The way we’ve settled into our own and they way we interact with each other… it was a lot less painless than last time.”


In the same interview, Hook also spoke about the inclusion new bassist Chris Kael in the band, “What can I say? We auditioned a handful of guys. We picked the best guy. Lucky he’s local, he’s from Vegas… Chris actually hit me up on Facebook, ‘I heard you guys were having auditions. OI know you don’t know me, but I’d love to have a crack at it.’ Our attitude is always, ‘Never assume that if somebody isn’t referred that they aren’t great,’ cuz we were all those people at some point.”


While location may have gone a long way, Hook said that Kael’s voice was the clincher, “He sent me over an mp3 of the last band that he was fronting, and he was doing all the roars and melody…I got on the phone, and I was like, ‘this guy’s probably gonna be the guy, he lives five minutes away, seems like a cool guy, looks cool, sings great, plays great. I mean, what else do you need?’”


You can watch the full interview in two parts below.



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