John Kerry Showcases Guitar Skills

It seems that politics and music are in the news quite a bit these days, as yesterday we brought all of our readers the story about how Indonesian presidential candidate Joko Widodo is a huge fan of heavy metal music. Today, a video of US Secretary of State John Kerry has been released showing him playing guitar after an afternoon lunch in China. Mr. Kerry was in China on business to discuss coordination of strategies relating to economic policy between the two countries.

According to the Washington Post, Secretary Kerry was coerced by Vice Premier Liu Yandong to play the guitar after he noticed the instrument sitting in the Great Hall where the meeting had taken place. From there, he proceeded to play two different movements on the instrument and received critiques from two very accomplished guitar aficionados. Guitar Player Magazine’s editor and chief Michael Molenda had this to say about the Kerry’s playing, “For the first piece of the clip, Secretary Kerry sounds very good – like a well-practiced amateur with the love of the guitar. His fingering is fluid and the notes sound full, robust and accurate. But in the second piece, you can hear buzzes and muted notes that betray a certain lack of fingering technique. His flourish at the end, however, is awesome.”

The entire video of Mr. Kerry showcasing his shredtastic skills can be found below. Maybe this world can settle its differences by seeing who can write the best riff. What do you think?

(Additional reporting by Yahoo)

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