Keith Richards Reveals More Details On Rolling Stones Jam Session

Earlier this month, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards announced that he, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood would soon be getting together for a jam, in London. Now the iconic guitarist has revealed more exciting news. Not only is there a good chance that singer Mick Jagger will be joining them, but former bassist Bill Wyman and former guitarist Mick Taylor have also been invited.


When asked by Spinner if he thought there was a possibility of Jagger attending the jam, Richards replied, “Of course. I mean, everybody’s welcome. I was going to ask Bill Wyman to come by too. And Mick Taylor. The whole lot. They’re all Stones, you know? Why not?
Wyman was a founding member of the band who left in the early ’90s. Taylor was brought into the group in the late ’60s, following the departure (and then death) of original member Brian Jones. He left the group in the mid-’70s and was replaced by Wood.
Richards also revealed when the jam would take place. “The idea is to go in December. I said, ‘Jesus Christ, we haven’t played together for a couple of years. We better get our chops together.’ So it basically is just like that, it’s just a jam.”
While there is still no official word on whether the Rolling Stones will be reuniting for their 50th anniversary next year, this certainly is a good start. It seems that the legendary band is waiting to see if they’ve still got what it takes, before announcing to the world that they’re back. “I want to pull it off. That, at the moment, is my task,” said Richards.
Richards continued by saying that there was no plan at all, when it comes to what the Stones will be jamming. “…I’m not Nostradamus, my friend. I ain’t telling you anything about that because I know nothing except we’re just going to play.”
More details are sure to be revealed, so stay tuned.
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