Kirk Hammett Discusses Metallica’s Philosophy

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett spoke with ThinkFlash just before the bands’ performance at Yas Arena, in Abu Dhabi, on October 25. You can watch the video interview below.


“I’m really excited to go out there and see what the audience is gonna look like, and sound like and feel like. We’re all pretty excited to be here,” Hammett said.
We certainly know now that Metallica’s Indian fans match any country in the world when it comes to being crazy about the band. After Metallica was forced to cancel their would-be debut show in Gurgaon, due to “technical difficulties,” fans literally went berserk, allegedly raiding the stage, breaking down barricades, vandalizing the sound system and throwing bottles and chairs at the LED video screens.
The band’s first performance on Indian soil didn’t end up taking place until October 30, at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore. In the pouring rain, with 22,000 screaming fans cheering on, and 1,000 security personnel on hand, Metallica set ablaze the Palace Grounds.
So what did Indian fans get from the two concerts that did go ahead? “Two hours of total metal…It’s always exciting for us to go out on stage and play a place we haven’t played before. The energy level is amped up a little bit,” Hammett explained.
In a year of full of firsts, Metallica has also recorded a collaborative album with Lou Reed, titled ‘Lulu.’ Hammett says that in order for the band to keep going, it’s vital for them to keep things fresh, “I think it’s important for us to just do different things, just to keep the music alive and moving. For us, music is like water — if it flows, it stays fresh; if it stays in one spot, it gets stagnant. And that’s pretty much been our philosophy since the beginning.”

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