Led Zeppelin Guitarist Jimmy Page To Be Knighted

Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page will soon be known as, Sir Jimmy Page, if a member of the British parliament has her way.


Louise Mensch, an MP for the Conservative party, announced to the public via Twitter that she is proposing that Page be knighted. “I’ve proposed Jimmy Page. Waiting to see if that finds favour with Honours Directorate. I hope so.”
Mensh is no stranger to the music industry; her husband Peter Mensch is the manager of many of music’s biggest names, including Muse and thrash metal giants Metallica. At one point, he even managed Page, though Mrs. Mensch maintains that Page’s one-time connection to her husband, had no influence on her decision to nominate the renowned guitarist. “Clearly there is nobody more worthy of a knighthood, and I am glad to say I have gathered support from every major record label in the U.K.,” she wrote.
If Page were to become Sir Jimmy Page, it wouldn’t be the first British honor to be bestowed upon him. Previously, he was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 2005 for his Brazilian charity.
Which guitarist do you think most deserves to be knighted?

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