Matt Heafy Describes His Gibson Signature Guitar

In an interview with Trivium guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy has said that he wants to give the release of Trivium’s new album ‘In Waves,’ an old school and more exciting feel to it.

“…When I was a kid, when a band was about to release a record, it was a little more exciting. You didn’t know everything that was going on, all the details of the record. We wanted to make it fun for the listener, and fun for people to wait, for the record, to come out. And it’s worked out really well.” Heafy explained.

While Heafy is aware there is a high chance that ‘In Waves’ will leak before it’s official release date of August 9, he says that people who pirate the album are only ripping themselves off. “…There’s still that mystique with the record, because it hasn’t leaked, knock on wood, I’m sure it will before it comes out but knock on wood, I hope it doesn’t because since there’s so much emphasis on the music and the visuals on this record; the visuals are something you really can’t duplicate by ripping it online. You have to get the special edition to see the documentary, the live video, the packaging, the vinyl that comes with the special edition, all that good stuff. It’s more about making it an old-school physical experience of an album.”

Heafy used multiple Gibson Les Paul Customs with EMG 81 and 85 pickups, while recording ‘In Waves’; “I think I had about five or six, all with the same pickups, same string gauge, same action, and every single one sounds and plays completely different.”

In acknowledgement of the Trivium frontman’s extreme guitar skills, Gibson will soon be releasing a Matt Heafy Signature guitar; “I am a Gibson player, and I’ve always loved Gibson but I opted to go the route of having an Epiphone. The reason I wanted to do an Epiphone is I knew I could closely work with Epiphone and Gibson to make something that would be good enough for me to play live. And if it’s good enough for me to play live, it’s good enough for our fans to buy in a store… it’s based off a Les Paul Custom on the front, but in the back is where all the cosmetic modifications are gonna take place. I probably shouldn’t reveal them too much because someone might take my ideas! But there will be a lot of playability features added to the back of the guitar. Obviously, EMG 81 and 85, and I wanted to give it a look that would be universal for whether you like me as a guitar player or not, whether you like the band or not, whether you’re into metal or not, you can rock this guitar. So that was the whole idea of going into it. It’s going to be made in a way that I see a guitar should be made.”

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