Radiohead Deny Guitarist Is Preparing For End Of Days

Radiohead has been forced to deny recent reports that guitarist Jonny Greenwood is currently taking solace in a rural hotel in Brazil to, “…wait for the end of the world.”

Factions of the Brazilian media have claimed that Greenwood was residing in a, “self-sufficient guest house” at the Catuçaba hotel, which is located close to Sao Luiz do Paraitinga near the city of Sao Paulo. The reports suggested that Greenwood was preparing for December 21; the day many believe the ancient Maya civilization predicted the end of the world.
However, owner of the Catuçaba hotel, Frenchman Emmanuel Rengade denied the allegations: “The reason why he’s here is to get away, because hotels like this preserve the privacy of the guests and he does not want publicity,” he said.
Furthermore, the city’s Tourism Minister, Eduardo de Oliveira Coelho told the Folha de Sao Paulo news website that Greenwood had arrived earlier this month and that fellow Radiohead band members were scheduled to join him soon.
The minister added Greenwood would be providing, “free youth classes in the city” in 2013.
In contradiction to both the minister’s and Rengade’s comments, Radiohead management denied that Greenwood was even in the country, let alone preparing for the apocalypse.

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