Randy Blythe To Record Vocals For Late Gwar Guitarist Cory Smoot’s Solo Material

During a recent interview with Soundwave TV, Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe revealed that he is currently considering lending his extreme vocal talents to record some of the late Gwar guitarist Cory Smoot’s (aka Flattus Maximus) unreleased solo material. Check out the video below.


Blythe said that he had held discussions with Smoot regarding the songs prior to the guitarist’s untimely death, late last year. “He gave me four songs that he was working on for his solo project, and he was just like, ‘If you have time and you like this, man put some vocals to it,’ and I was like, ‘Sure, dude.’ I still have those songs.”
He added that he has the blessing of Gwar to go ahead with the project. “I talked to Brocky [Oderus Urungus] and the rest of those guys about maybe doing something with that.”
The frontman continued, saying that he has long been an admirer of Smoot’s and Gwar’s work. “He was really sweet. I did a couple of recording projects with him and just to illustrate the way he was — I mean we’ve toured with Gwar a bunch — they kind of brought us up as if they were our older brothers.”
Smoot was found dead in his bunk on the band’s tour bus, just short of the Canadian border, on November 3 last year. His cause of death was determined as being a coronary artery thrombosis, brought about by a pre-existing coronary artery disease. Sadly, Smoot left behind a wife, Jaime and his unborn baby. He was 34.

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