Scott Stapp On Downward Spiral

Scott Stapp On Downward Spiral

There have been recent details emerging about Creed singer Scott Stapp’s downward spiral into a world of depression and drug abuse. In the past few days, the vocalist posted a video to his Facebook page about how he is penniless, under fiscal attack, and that his funds have been mismanaged. TMZ has released reports that the singer has recently been on a 72-hour psych hold. Whatever the situation or circumstances, it appears Scott Stapp is not doing well.

TMZ has also reported that on November 13th the singer was found on the side of the road, incoherent, rambling and claiming that he was concerned that someone was trying to poison him. Scott’s wife has filed for divorce and claimed that in a fit of delusion, he called his children’s school and claimed that it was about to be the site of an ISIS terrorist attack. In other startling details, his estranged wife claims that Scott threatened to kill his AA sponsor and himself.

Allegations of rampant drug use involving everything from steroids to cocaine have been released in the court files. So far, Scott has released a short video about how his accounts are seized and while that has yet to be confirmed, he obviously is extremely troubled right now. As of now, there are several video statements that have been released. The most recent one is posted below. Stay tuned for more emerging news.

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