Slash Streams Entire New Album/Questions Legitimacy Of ‘Longest Guitar Solo’ Record

Austin based guitarist and music teacher David DiDonato recently broke the world record for ‘Longest Guitar Solo’ after his impressive twenty-four hour and fifty-five-minute marathon solo at Red 7 in Austin, Texas. While the attempt has been officially acknowledged by Guiness as being the record, world-renowned axeman Slash has questioned the legitimacy of DiDonato’s accomplishment.


In an interview with Tone Deaf, the former Guns ‘N Roses guitarist said, “what’s the criteria for guitar solo after it goes over thirty minutes? If you keep doing the same thing over and over again is that still considered a guitar solo?”
Slash added that he wasn’t even that impressed by the length of time DiDonato played, saying he expected the record to be at least three times longer than what it actually was. “I’m actually surprised it’s that short. I thought it would be way longer. Somebody solo-ing for a week…I pictured in my head some guy sitting around for three days.” He did, however, add,“God bless him for hanging in there.”
Regardless of Slash’s opinion, David DiDonato is the official world-record holder for the ‘Longest Guitar Solo’ and to prove it footage of his performance has been released and can be viewed below.
In other news, Slash has released another teaser video for his upcoming ‘Guitar Center Sessions’ special. This time, Slash and his band Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators can be seen performing an unplugged version of the song ‘Not For Me’ from his upcoming solo album ‘Apocalyptic Love.’

‘Apocalyptic Love’ is out May 22, but can be heard in its entirety right now by clicking here.

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