Sonic Youth Guitarist Unveils Chelsea Light Moving/Announces Collaboration With Kim Gordon And Yoko Ono

Sonic Youth guitarist and vocalist Thurston Moore has launched the debut track from his new band, Chelsea Light Moving. The song, ‘Burroughs’ can be heard below.


Moore, who is the frontman of the band is joined by guitarist Keith Wood, bassist Samara Lubelski and drummer John Moloney.
According to the band’s blog page, ‘Burroughs’ was inspired by the last words of 20th-century American novelist William S. Burroughs, who his most noted for his 1953 book, ‘Naked Lunch,’ but also penned several other well known publications, including ‘Soft Machine’ and ‘The Ticket That Exploded.’
Burroughs’ parting words were: “Love? What is it? Most natural painkiller what there is.”
Chelsea Light Moving are expected to release another track next week, and are currently working on their debut album.
Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Thurston is working on a mini-album in collaboration with estranged wife of 27 years and Sonic Youth bandmate Kim Gordon, as well as Yoko Ono. The album, titled ‘YOKOKIMTHURSTON’ features six tracks, including a 14-minute long single, ‘Early In The Morning.’
‘YOKOKIMTHURSTON’ is set for a September 24 release.

Click here to visit the Chelsea Light Moving blog page.


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