Critical Acclaim: Top 5 Korn Albums


#1 – The Path of Totality (2011)

Jump back past The Paradigm Shift, and you come to Korn’s second-to-latest album. It didn’t catch every critic the right way, garnering the odd negative review, but the general consensus from our aggregated panel of reviewers is that The Path of Totality is the band’s best effort. Artistdirect, Allmusic, Metal Hammer, and Rock Sound all rated it highly, and it manages to beat Korn III: Remember Who You Are down into second place by the merest of margins.

The singles Get Up!, Narcissistic Cannibal, Way Too Far, and Chaos Lives in Everything were released from the album, which sold 55,000 copies in the first week and debuted at number 10 in the Billboard 2000. The album also took “Album of The Year” at the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awards, scoring the band their first win at that event.

The Path of Totality Scores: AllMusic (80/100), ArtistDirect (100/100), Spin (70/100), Metal Hammer (80/100), Rock Sound (80/100) – Final Score: 82/100

So, would The Path of Totality be at the top of your list? Remember, this list is based on the average scores given by professional reviewers. It isn’t necessarily the opinion of All Axess (We like Life is Peachy…)


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  1. The Path of Totallity is the worst of the worst. They gave them high rates because they were all trying to get the Dubstep into industry.

    • The Path of Totality was a mixed bag. When it works, it REALLY works. (Get Up!, Narcissistic Cannibal) and when it doesn’t it’s really bad! (My Wall, Illuminati) It was originally supposed to be a 5 song EP. 3 new songs and remixes of Oildale and Blind. Then they decided to make it a full album. You can pretty much tell which ones were thought up at the last minute. They’re very lazy.

  2. Really? Untouchables or Issues doesn’t even make the grade. Probably the two best blended albums in their discography. Heavy as elephants chasing biggest loser contestants. And has every element of sound from before and after that time period. Disappointing.

  3. Im sorry cant agree with these rankings – though Path of Totality had some really good songs, you can’t miss out on Untouchables, Issues and Take a Look in the MIrror. Even Untitled is a better album than Korn III! My top 5 would be 1. Take a Look in the Mirror, 2. Korn, 3. Untouchables, 4. Follow the Leader, 5. Untitled

  4. This list is horrible. Here’s the truth, from a fan since the beginning:
    1. Life Is Peachy (1996)
    2. Issues (1999)
    3. KoRn (1994)
    4. Untouchables (2002)
    5. Follow the Leader (1998)
    6. Take A Look in the Mirror (2003)
    7. Korn III: Remember Who You Are (2010)
    8. The Paradigm Shift (2013)
    9. The Path of Totality (2011)
    10. Untitled (2007)

  5. I’d say my top 5 would be:
    1. Issues
    2. Untouchables
    3. KoRn
    4. Follow the Leader
    5. Take a Look in the Mirror/See You on the Other Side

  6. #1.) Issues
    #2.) Untouchables
    #3.) The Paradigm Shift
    #4.) Korn III: Remember Who You Are
    #5.) Path of Totality
    #7.) Follow the Leader
    #8.) Korn
    #9.) Life is Peachy
    #10.) Untitled
    #11.) Take a Look in the Mirror

  7. Obviously it`s a subjective discussion. But We have to recognize that Korn didn´t find the way to their original sound. They have been exploring some new sounds individually so in the process to incorporate that sound to korn, just failed. So far Life Is peachy is the best album, away from the conventional music, something rarely seen.

  8. It’s funny to see how TALIM is in everyone’s top 5 (even mine which is 1-Korn 2-TALIM 3-Life is Peachy 4-Follow The Leader 5-not sure) but the guys in Korn dont seem to like it very much.

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