Trivium’s Paolo Gregoletto: My All-Time Top 5 Guitarists

trivium paolo gregoletto

When you consider the sheer amount of talented guitarists that have rattled our brains with ear-crushing solos and killer riffs, it’s tough to reduce things down to a definitive top five list. The same could be said for bands, albums, or even album tracks. But, that’s the tast that we set Trivium‘s Paolo Gregoletto. We simply asked: “Paolo, if you had to choose your top five guitarists of all time, who would make the grade?”

After many hours of comparing, rating, ranking, and soul-searching, this is his final list.

So, without further ado, hit the button below to see which five make Paolo’s final cut. Which would make YOUR top five? Let us know in the comments.For more from Paolo, head to his official site at

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