Trivum’s Matt Heafy Gives Update On Extreme Metal Side Project Mrityu

Trivium guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy has announced that he will be releasing material from his extreme metal side project Mrityu.
Heafy made the announcement last night (Monday, August 15) during a Q&A at the Moscot Gallery and Music Space in New York City. The event was held to benefit the Moscot Mobileyes Foundation and also included a special acoustic performance from Heafy, footage of which can be found below.

Heafy said that he had wanted to make Mrityu a, “90s style, second or third wave black metal” band but changed his mind after discussing the project with Emperor frontman Ihsahn.
He explained: “Somehow we got in touch and I sent the demo along. He started passing a few things to me to listen to, films to watch, CDs to check out, and it inspired this band to become this whole other thing. I don’t even know what to call the genre anymore.”

While it is unlikely that Mrityu will tour, Heafy said that if he was to take the band out on the road, then the touring band has already been established: “It’s not going to play shows. It’s just me on vocals, guitar and bass. I’m going to have Nick [Augusto, Trivium drummer] on drums. If it ever did play live, I’ll only have Trivium guys play in it. You’ll maybe see something with that band a year from now. It’s got to be staggered with the Trivium release. So yeah, I’ll be doing another thing. I guess you can call it extreme metal.”

Trivium’s Matt Heafy Acoustic Set List, 8/13/12

Depeche Mode – ‘The Sweetest Perfection’
Elvis Presley – ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’
Nine Inch Nails – ‘Hurt’
Roy Orbison – ‘In Dreams’
Opeth – ‘Harvest’
Trivium – ‘Dying In Your Arms’
Trivium – ‘Built To Fall’



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