Nightwish Drummer to Take Break From Band

Jukka Nevalainen has recently announced that he will be taking a break as drummer of the Finnish symphonic metal band NIGHTWISH, in order to deal with health related issues.

Nevalainen, who has been with Nightwish since 1997, released a videotaped statement explaining to fans his decision to take a break from his drumming duties. In the video he states; “For a number of years, I have suffered from occasional but very difficult insomnia, something that has been my unwanted companion during many of our tours, too. I’ve done my best to try to control it or at least to cope with it…During the last month, it has become evident for me that due to my insomnia, I can’t fulfill my duties as a musician in the way that I’d want and with the precision that the music deserves. Thus I have decided to step aside from my duties as the drummer of Nightwish during the recording of the forthcoming album and the subsequent tour.” Despite not being involved with the band’s music, Nevalainen has said that he will still be involved with the group’s day-to-day affairs.

Nightwish will not be without a drummer though. It has been confirmed by Nevalainen that drumming duties will be filled in by fellow Finnish drummer Kai Hahto, who currently plays drums for Wintersun. Hahto will perform the drumming duties on the as-of-yet unnamed eighth studio album, which will be the first album to feature new vocalist Floor Jansen and multi-instrumentalist Troy Donockley.

As for the touring duties, Nevalainen has stated; “I’m extremely grateful that he didn’t hesitate for a minute when he decided to help us in this challenging situation. What comes to touring, everything is still open, but we will let you know as soon possible what the lineup will be.”

On a personal level, Nevalainen says: “My decision obviously feels indescribably sad. Fortunately, looking at it with some distance, it is ‘just’ part of the constant, inevitable ebb and flow of life. The sad things are part of it as well as the beautiful, unforgettable experiences and adventures that I’ve already had the pleasure to experience in spades. Surely, there will still be many adventures ahead, too.”