Phil Demmel On Unto The Locust And Coming Tour

As one of the biggest names in metal, Machine Head, add the finishing touches to their highly anticipated album ‘Unto The Locust,’ and prepare for a massive touring cycle, guitarist Phil Demmel has sat down with Skull ‘n Bones and spoken about the pressures of following up their highly successful album, ‘The Blackening.’

“I’m not sure we feel the pressure as much as we’re aware of the situation: following up such a highly-acclaimed record. Each record we start writing is more important than the previous. Our creative sides want to not only improve on what we’ve done, but expand and incorporate ideas that we’re currently experiencing. Regardless of what “The Blackening” had accomplished, we would strive for the same.”

The first single off ‘Unto the Locust’, entitled ‘Locust’ has been well received by fans since being released last month, and with each song promising to be just as epic, there is little wonder why fans can barely wait. Demmel spoke about a few of his favorite tracks; “Since each song off the new record “Unto the Locust” is so different from each other, as my mood changes (a lot!) so does my favorite song. Currently it’s a song called “The Darkness Within,” it’s the song off this record that is more of a departure than anything off of “The Blackening.”

Prior to ‘Unto the Locust’ being unleashed, Machine Head will be playing at the Mayhem Festival, before hitting the road for an undisclosed amount of time, to promote the new record; “We toured for 3 years and over 370 shows for “The Blackening” due to the biggest names in Metal wanting to have on the road. We didn’t plan that nor did we foresee that happening. I’m just waiting to see what happens.”

Demmel joined Machine Head in 2002, at a time when it appeared as though the band would not survive to record another album. It has been widely agreed that Demmel’s inclusion gave the band the spark they needed; “I agree that there was a re-energizing. I joined the band at its lowest point (unbeknownst to me) and was so excited that I think they fed off of it. They were in transition with a lot of things at that point and I think the four of us getting together was, for lack of better word, fate. I needed them just as much as they needed me. Perfect timing and an amazing combination.”

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