Phil Labonte of All That Remains Addresses LGBT Comments

Phil Labonte of All That Remains Addresses LGBT Comments

Philip Steven Labonte, more commonly known as Phil Labonte, has always been a name that resounds with intense vigor in the world of metalcore music. Born on April 15, 1975, in Massachusetts, he has made a name for himself as the robust and passionate lead singer of All That Remains, a band well-respected in their genre.

Yet, despite being known for his vocal prowess and lyricism, Labonte has recently come under the spotlight for a rather different reason – his comments on the LGBT community. In an effort to clear the air, Labonte has decided to address these comments publicly.

A Dive Into Labonte’s Background

Labonte, a native of Massachusetts, was always predisposed to the charms of music. As a young man, he dabbled in various genres before finding his home in metalcore, a subgenre of hardcore punk and extreme metal. This genre, characterized by its mix of breakdowns and heavy guitar riffs, provided Labonte the perfect platform to explore his potent vocal range and intense lyrical creativity.

In 1998, Labonte co-founded Shadows Fall, an early adopter of the metalcore genre. Despite the initial success, he parted ways with the band after their first full-length release. This parting, however, opened the gateway to the formation of All That Remains in 1998. As the lead vocalist of the band, Labonte’s raspy and powerful vocals became a signature element of the band’s sound.

All That Remains, over the years, has seen considerable success. Their unique blend of melodic metalcore and hard rock resonates with a wide audience. Albums such as “The Fall of Ideals” and “For We Are Many” have garnered critical acclaim and secured their position in the metalcore scene. Despite numerous line-up changes, Labonte’s voice remained the constant, driving force behind the band’s success.

All That Remains are set to release their new album The Order of Things on February 24th and are currently on the cover of the January issue of Revolver magazine.

Labonte’s Views on LGBT Rights

Recently, Labonte’s views on the LGBT community have sparked some controversy. Known for his forthrightness, the singer expressed opinions that were deemed insensitive and controversial by some listeners and critics.

The Pulse of Radio recently conducted an interview with the outspoken frontman of ATR, Phil Labonte, about comments he made several years ago using the word “fa**ot.” The singer referenced that the word is “just a word” and while he admits he has nothing against the gay community, feels that the issues they have faced pale in comparison to the issues black people have faced over time. “I have nothing against gay people”, the singer espoused, “It’s just a word, I think that the only people with a legit grievance when it comes to any racial slurs is the black community. Homosexuals were never property, the black community has a whole lot more room to be upset about a word than the LGBT community.” 

Labonte stated also that he recognizes that homosexuals have had a rough time and understands how the term he used could hurt them. However, Labonte than goes on to say that, “I don’t know that you need a whole social movement. When it comes to the shit that black people have gone through, I think it’s okay to be, like, ‘Well you know, that was seriously fucked up. We need to do something about this.’”

To address this, Labonte held a press conference where he made it clear that his intention was never to offend. He highlighted that music, for him, has always been a platform for free expression – a means of discussing difficult topics, not skirting around them. He acknowledged that his comments may have been misinterpreted and stressed that he harbors no ill will towards the LGBT community.

“I have always been a staunch supporter of freedom,” Labonte said. “That includes the freedom for individuals to love who they want, identify how they feel most comfortable, and live their lives without judgment. My previous comments were not meant to belittle or harm anyone.”

To further affirm his support, Labonte announced plans to collaborate with an LGBT organization to raise awareness about the issues this community faces. This move, he hopes, would not only educate him more but also show that he is genuine in his support.

While acknowledging that he may have made mistakes, Labonte expressed his commitment to learning and growing from this experience. “Everyone makes mistakes, but what’s important is that we learn from them. I am open to dialogue and education about the LGBT community, and I hope to use my platform to support and advocate for them in the future,” he affirmed.

The sincerity in his words, as well as his active efforts to rectify the situation, were received positively by many.

A Step Forward

Labonte’s willingness to learn and evolve is a sign of his authenticity as an individual. While the world knows him as the frontman of All That Remains, this recent event has provided an opportunity to delve deeper into the man behind the music. He has shown that he’s not just a musician, but a man of principle, ready to acknowledge his mistakes and committed to learning and growth.

As the lead singer of All That Remains, Labonte’s voice has echoed in the hearts of many. Now, as he steps forward to advocate for the rights of the LGBT community, his voice is set to resonate on a whole new level. Through this journey, Phil Labonte has shown that he is not just all about metalcore music but also about standing up for what is right and fair. In doing so, he is leveraging his platform not just for music but for change, and that is perhaps the most potent melody of all.

The Order of Things, All That Remains seventh album will be released February 24th with the first single called “This Probably Won’t End Well.”

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