Phil Labonte of All That Remains Addresses LGBT Comments

Phil Labonte of All That Remains Addresses LGBT Comments

All That Remains are set to release their new album The Order of Things on February 24th and are currently on the cover of the January issue of Revolver magazine. The Pulse of Radio recently conducted an interview with the outspoken frontman of ATR, Phil Labonte, about comments he made several years ago using the word “fa**ot.” The singer referenced that the word is “just a word” and while he admits he has nothing against the gay community, feels that the issues they have faced pale in comparison to the issues black people have faced over time. “I have nothing against gay people”, the singer espoused, “It’s just a word, I think that the only people with a legit grievance when it comes to any racial slurs is the black community. Homosexuals were never property, the black community has a whole lot more room to be upset about a word than the LGBT community.”

Labonte stated also that he recognizes that homosexuals have had a rough time and understands how the term he used could hurt them. However, Labonte than goes on to say that, “I don’t know that you need a whole social movement. When it comes to the shit that black people have gone through, I think it’s okay to be, like, ‘Well you know, that was seriously fucked up. We need to do something about this.'”

The Order of Things, All That Remains seventh album will be released February 24th with the first single called “This Probably Won’t End Well.”

What do you think of Phil Labonte’s comments?

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