Every month, the All Axess team and artists will line up ten tracks that they think are worthy of being on their playlist of the month. There are no rules here. The music doesn’t have to be metal, and it doesn’t have to be recent. Everybody will list 10 tracks that are doing it for them and hopefully, we’ll be bringing you some tunes that you might not have heard of, bringing back some cool memories, or finding you a new artist to fall in love with.

At the end of each month, we’ll put the playlists to the public vote to see who gets the bragging rights as they take home the Playlist of The Month crown!

November Playlists


[grooveshark id=”102459348″]From me, you can expect some awesome and eclectic lists of all the tunes that are making me happy and providing the background to my life. I do admit to listening to many different types of music. There are different songs for different times of day and when I feel various moods and levels of happiness or unhappiness – we all have various mood swings.

My playlists will bring you some great metal, as well as a few surprises! Enjoy![/grooveshark]


[grooveshark id=”102599637″]My lists have become more and more diverse with my almost singular use of Spotify. Anytime I read about a band or receive a recommendation from a friend,  I will  give it a listen to see what people have been talking about. Another great aspect of having so much music at my finger tips is being able to search so many back catalogs, as well as the more difficult genres to navigate. This is a list of 10 songs I’ve been currently listening to quite a bit on my recent trip overseas.  It’s a pretty straight forward mix of both classics and great new releases from the past few years. Give them a listen!![/grooveshark]


[grooveshark id=”102461184″]From me, you can expect a bit of everything, including tracks that you probably wouldn’t expect to find on a site that focuses on metal. I’m a self-confessed indie kid with a penchant for punk (and nu-metal…) and I’ll be highlighting some of the bands we feature here on All Axess, too.

I dare say that my lists will definitely not strike a chord with everyone. But hey, sometimes it’s good to mix it up![/grooveshark]


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