A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to take a moment and glance through a list of every one of In This Moment‘s tracks. We then tasked you with selecting your five favourite songs from the list, in no particular order. In Chris Howorth’s op-ed piece for All Axess, he suggested that some of the band’s fans had expressed a dislike of their newer material. We wanted to find out whether or not that would affect an overall top ten.

So, with 63 tracks to choose from Beautiful Tragedy, The Dream, A Star-Crossed Wasteland, Blood, and Black Widow, and with over 35,000 votes recorded, we’ve collated the results, run the numbers, and come up with what we think is the definitive top ten from In This Moment’s catalogue.

As a sneak-peek, we can tell you that no tracks from The Dream made it into our top ten. The highest ranking track from that album was Into The Light, which landed at #18.

It’s time to count them down, so click the blue button to get started.