Reader Poll Results: Top Five Korn Albums

A couple of weeks ago, we revealed the top five Korn albums based on critical reviews from the music press. Y’all told us how you felt about that article, so we opened it up to you to find out exactly how you would rank the band’s albums, and which ones would make your top five.

Well, we’ve tallied up almost 23,000 votes and come to a final and conclusive All Axess readers’ top five. Some won’t be surprised at the rundown, but we’ll not give anything away other than that. Well, we will also tell you that the band’s untitled album from 2007 was the worst-performing from the whole list of 11, only appearing in 2.1% of people’s top fives, but that’s your last clue.

So, out of the 10 remaining albums, which make the top five? Hit the button below to see how they ranked.

22 thoughts on “Reader Poll Results: Top Five Korn Albums”

  1. Hahaha. Awesome list, dude. Here’s mine:

    1. Issues
    2. Life is Peachy
    3. Follow The Leader
    4. KoRn
    5. Untouchables


  2. I’ll take Follow the Leader as the best Korn album. First to last song, its KILLER. I grew up on Korn and have all the albums, I understand those who like older albums. But the consistency, the quality of Follow the Leader is incredible. Glad voters got it right.


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