Reader Poll: Which Are Your Top 5 Korn Albums?

Reader Poll: Which Are Your Top 5 Korn Albums?

Last week, we ran an article that showcased the Top 5 Critically Acclaimed Korn Albums, with the ranking being decided on the review scores that top music reviewers had given each album in Korn’s discography.

To say that some didn’t agree with the rankings would be to put it mildly!

Indeed, we were as surprised as you when Life is Peachy didn’t even make the cut. So, we thought we’d redress the balance and give you the chance to let us know which of the band’s albums would make your top five. All you need to do is select up to five albums from the list below, hit “Vote”, and we’ll total up the scores and publish the results next week!

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40 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Which Are Your Top 5 Korn Albums?”

  1. Korn 111 (remember who you are) take notes from this title because it was your best effort since (take a look in the mirror)! ……what a coincidence!

  2. #1- KoRn (Would’ve say Neidermayer’s Mind but not here)
    #2- Life is peachy
    #3- Follow the leader
    #4- Issues
    #5- See you on the other side

  3. In no specific order; See you on the other side, Follow the leader, Issues, Paradigm Shift, Take a look in the mirror and MTV Unplugged.

  4. “Korn” and “Life is peachy” were so raw that if anyone puts anything above them on the list, they’re posers. They obviously came in after “issues” and tried to play catch up. The list can only go
    #5: Korn lll
    #4: Paradigm Shift
    #3: Follow the leader
    #2: Life is peachy
    #1: KORN
    All other lists should be used as bloody period rags!
    You can’t beat Jon at his most vulnerable times. They were so hungry back in the day and I think they’re capturing that same passion now.

  5. #1-KoRn
    #2-Life Is Peachy
    #4-Follow The Leader
    #5-Take A Look In The Mirror

    KoRn is one of the sickest albums ever made. Made a whole genre!

    • I think in fifteen twenty years Untitled Will get the respect it desserves but it Will take time for to get There it doesnt make my top five actually its rather LĂśw second to last ont one Lower would Be life Is peachy

  6. I really hated having to choose only five, but came up with:

    #5 – [Untitled]
    #4 – The Path of Totality
    #3 – See You on the Other Side
    #2 – Issues
    #1 – Untouchables

  7. A difficult choice, but I voted for ‘The Paradigm Shift’ (probably my favourite!), ‘Untouchables’, ‘Korn’, ‘Issues’ and ‘Follow The Leader’, although I *loved* most of ‘See You On The Other Side’, and it was a strong contender!

  8. #1 Follow the leader and Issues both come in a pair (great album)
    #2 KoRn
    #3 Life is peachy
    #4 Untouchables… At the time, i was really surprise by this album. What a change afther issues. The first listen was not the good one. But after 3 or 4 times.. i realize that was really good (probably one of the most listened album)
    #5 Paradigm shift Welcome Back Head

  9. 1 Untouch, 2 SYOTOS, 3 Unti, 4 Issues, 5 Korn. Maybe that order, it changes. but always Untouchables 1st, and always these 5, maybe Peachy trying to fight its way in at times as well.

  10. 1.The Paradigme Shift
    2.The Path of Totality
    3.Follow the leader
    4.See You on the other aide
    5. Take a look in the Mirror

    Would like to note That all their albums are amazing

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