Reptilian Death: ‘Stimulate. Hike. Impel. Tear’

Reptilian Death: ‘Stimulate. Hike. Impel. Tear’

Featured below is the track ‘Stimulate. Hike. Impel. Tear,’ by this week’s ‘Amped Artist,’ Indian death metal band Reptilian Death.
The track is taken from Reptilian Death’s latest album, ‘The Dawn Of Consummation and Emergence,’ which was released in May 2013 in India on Universal Music and in October worldwide on OSM.

Purchase ‘The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence’ here.

‘The Dawn Of Consummation and Emergence’ tracklist:
1.PrimEvil 01:45


2. Inchoate 02:16


3. Stimulate. Hike. Impel. Tear 03:03

4. Soaked With The Imperfections Of Puerile Blood 02:32

5. Emerge, Hatred, Emerge 03:26

6. Distorted By Bondage Blood And Bestiality 04:04

7. Unnervingly Perverted At The Altar 02:48


8. Patchwork And The Art Of Skinning 03:51


9. O 03:45

10.Now You Graze Upon Me 04:00


11. Marvelous Gods – The Apple Of My Eye 03:31


12. Emergence – The World, Your Playground 03:44

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