Robb Flynn On Metallica/Lou Reed Album: “The ‘Lulu’ Thing Sucks”

Machine Head guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn has expressed his confusion and detest over the recent Metallica/Lou Reed collaborative album ‘Lulu.’

In a recent interview with Metal Shrine, Flynn contented that Metallica’s decision to work with Reed was a momentary lapse of reason on their behalf. “Well, the ‘Lulu’ thing sucks! It´s f**king horrible!…I didn’t even get it. If those guys need to do that stuff to get their ya yas out, that’s cool and I respect them, but eeehhh… was Lemmy not available? Was f–king Iggy Pop not available? (laughs) I think there are so many people that might’ve been a better choice.”

Unsurprisingly, Flynn then admitted that he wasn’t a fan of any of Reed’s back catalog. “I don’t know the dude, but maybe he’s the most charismatic guy in the world, I don’t know. I f–king can’t stand Lou Reed. I don’t like his solo career and I don’t like Velvet Underground, so I don´t know much about it other than [Reed’s song] ‘Walk On The Wild Side’.”
Despite not appreciating the album, Flynn conceded that he understood Metallica’s need to step out from inside the box. “Do I see myself… yeah, I mean we write plenty of songs that aren´t necessarily what Machine Head would be. I love The Cure, so I write a bunch of mellow stuff that´s like super gothy and … gay. (laughs) But I think it´s cool. You jam for a while and you come up with all kinds of shit. The thing that´s great about Machine Head is that it´s a pretty wide canvas we get to paint on.”
Flynn also spoke about when Machine Head, who are currently on tour in support of their latest record ‘Unto The Locust,’ plan on entering the studio to record the album’s follow-up. “Right now, we´ve got till December, so it´s another six months of that and we´ve already been touring since July of last year, so it´ll probably be a year and a half behind this record and I would like to… wrap it up. (laughs).”
He added: “You never know what´s gonna happen, but I´d like to start… well, we´re already starting to put riffs together and starting to formulate ideas with where we´d like to go. Until we sit down and start jamming, you never know, but I´m definitely in the mindset and I´m ready to move on to the next moment.”

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