Robb Flynn’s ‘Big 4’

After releasing a string of successful records, there is little doubt that metal heavyweight’s Machine Head are one of the biggest bands in the business. They have become so big, in fact, that it doesn’t seem like a bold statement, when frontman Robb Flynn says that the band has become a crucial part of the way heavy music has developed, over the past decade or so.

In a recent interview with the Quietus, Flynn said, “..we paved the way for, and inspired and influenced pretty much a whole generation of bands, and that’s just such an incredible feeling. I read James Hetfield saying that ‘The Blackening’ completely influenced ‘Death Magnetic’ and then when he told me to my face and I was like, ‘What the f@#k!’ My f#$king brain imploded, y’know? This is a band that was a huge inspiration to us and to have it come around full circle is just incredible.”

Regardless of your opinion on the band, there is no denying that Machine Head are one of the most impressive bands going. After nearly twenty years in the business, the band is more popular now then they ever have been before. “People’s tastes change, things change, and in our case we’re 17 years deep into our career and we’re having the most success we’ve ever had – Metallica tours, Grammy nominations – it’s not the normal trajectory of a band in their 17th year. We know that we’re really fortunate and very lucky and we just try and write from as honest a place as we can. And it seems to work.”

While Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer make up the official ‘Big 4,’ Flynn believes that if the ‘Big 4’ bands of this generation were to be put together than Machine Head would definitely be a part of it. “…if I had to pick a ‘Big Four’ of our generation I’d say: Slipknot, Machine Head, Killswitch Engage and Lamb Of God.”

Who would do you think are the ‘Big 4’ bands o f the current generation?

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