Scott Ian Denies Rumors Of An Anthrax Cover Album

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has denied claims made by several publications last week that the renowned thrash metal band is recording a cover album in commemoration of the one-year anniversary of their latest album ‘Worship Music.’

Speaking with VHI, Ian confirmed that Anthrax were working on a few covers; however, he added that they had no intentions of releasing a covers album. “It’s not at all what we’re doing. [laughs] We just always record cover songs… eventually we’ll end up recording them and eventually, somehow, they end up getting released in some way, shape or form as B-sides, but we’re definitely not working on a covers album.”
Ian revealed that Anthrax were working on new and original material. “We do already have two or three things kind of in the works as far as new music goes, so it’s just a case of if you can get into that mode to start working on them.”
Ian explained that for Anthrax, writing songs wasn’t something that could be forced. “I can’t even explain why or how it happens, but sometimes you’ll just get into a mode and you’re able to create and you’re able to work on stuff and move stuff forward, new stuff, but sometimes you just can’t. Sometimes you’re on tour and there’s just no spark, it’s just not there, it’s just all about what you’re doing in the moment, playing those shows.”
Anthrax are rumored to have recorded the following covers:
* AC/DC – ‘T.N.T.’
* BOSTON – ‘Smokin”
* JOURNEY – ‘Keep On Runnin”
* RUSH – ‘Anthem’
Furthermore, an Anthrax cover of Black Sabbath’s song ‘Neon Knights’ will feature on the upcoming Ronnie James Dio tribute album, which is being assembled by the singer’s widow and longtime manager Wendy Dio. Footage of the band performing it live at the recent Copenhell festival in Copenhagen, Denmark can be seen below.